Study A Broad

End of night, I’m behind the bar with my manager, I’ve got three flight attendants, and a pilot, sitting at my bar, having a late dinner, with some cocktails.  I’ve been listening into their conversation periodically, interjecting into it from time-to-time.  One of the ladies say, I had a fight with my husband the other day…it was really stupid.  I say, you know, nobody ever says I had a fight with my husband and it was really smart.  They laugh.

As I’m gathering my garbage, one of the flight attendants, mid-bite into her dessert, says, the last time I had Crème Brûlée, I was in Paris, and I didn’t like it.  This is really good though.  I say, you were in Paris and had Crème Brûlée?  She says, yeah.  I was studying abroad in Paris for a year in college.

And I’m like, I like to study a BROAD, if you know what I mean?!?!

They all laugh, my manager yells sternly, CLINT!  GO TAKE OUT THE GARBAGE!!!




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