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Matt McCuum Gig Log

Gig Log #6:  D’Jais, New Jersey

I got a really crazy call from my manager.  I thought he was joking at first.  Amy Adams wants to meet you.  What?  The actor?  Yeah, she’s in New Jersey shooting, and was wondering if you’d be free in the afternoon before your gig at D’Jais.  Well…I was planning on finding a laundromat to clean my clothes, but I suppose that can wait an extra day.  I still have one clean pair of underwear!!!

Clint says, she wants to meet at Grounds For Sculpture, at the big Marilyn.  Say noon.  I say, I’ll be there!

Sure enough, it’s 11:57, I find the damn towering Marilyn, the classic pose with her dress billowing, and there she is.  Amy Adams.  This IS a weird life I live.  I mean…have you seen Arrival?  Nocturnal Animals?  She has got to be one of the top actors working today.  I’ve always been impressed with her work, and also, it’s not tough looking at her.


She puts out her hand.  I shake it.

Amy Adams!  What an HONOR!!!

She smiles a million-dollar movie star smile.

I say, how big is that thing you think?

She looks up, then back at me, says,

That’s what she said.

Oh this is gonna be a fun day.

We start walking around the grounds.  I did a little bit of internet research on the place.  There’s over 800 sculptures on the grounds!  What a magnificent place.  And such a cool person to share it with.

I say, I’ve decided I want on my gravestone to say, Matt McCuum.  Born 1972-blank, then underneath it, it says,

“That’s What She Said.”

How AWESOME would it be if someone were to be randomly walking by, and see that.  It’d be sure to put a smile on their face, don’t you think, Amy?

She says, I’d smile.

I’m gonna do it.

We walk on.  I say, mind if I smoke?

She says, with a twinkle, yes!  I do.  It’s bad for you, Matt!

I light up.  I know, I know.  All good things in life are bad for you.

She says, you got one for me?


I get out a Marlboro Light 72 for her, and my lighter that says, CHILL OUT.

We stop, she puts the cigarette between her lips, I light it.

It’s an unusually beautiful day for December.  No wind, it doesn’t blow out the flame when I light it.

It lights, she takes a drag, exhales.

She says, my character I’m working on right now smokes.  So…fuck it.

Hey, you’re just getting into character, that’s all.

She smiles.  Right.

I say, what’s your character name?

She says, Ashley.

Hm.  You could pass as an Ashley.

She says, I hope so.

What’s your character like, if you don’t mind me asking.  

She says, I don’t.  I’m an art dealer, with a focus on sculpture.  There’s a murder.  Blah, blah, blah.  

I say, so perfect place to be!  A sculpture park.

Yeah, I thought I’d multi-task.

I say, wait a minute…  Was this all a ruse to bring me here and MURDER ME?!?

She says, well…you already have your epitaph picked out.



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Matt McCuum Gig Log

Hey folks.  Here’s another story from Matt, on the road, on tour.  I checked in with him this morning by phone.  He doesn’t like texting, so I have to call the dang guy every time.  He’ll be in Milwaukee the next couple days, then on his way to Pittsburgh, to play at The Andy Warhol Museum, which he’s super-pumped for.  Enjoy!


Gig Log #4:  The Cactus Lounge, Milwaukee

Had a really good experience at The Cactus Lounge.  Venue wasn’t huge, but I liked the intimacy of it.  For a Wednesday night, it was a decent crowd.  I’d say 55-60 people.  Set went well.  Stand-out was Tranny Chaser, and a new untitled song I’ve been working on.  Might as well try it out on the crowd.  

The song is kinda about the difference between what we say, and how we feel inside.  I NEVER like acting, meaning, I just like to be myself 24/7.  I’m a weird, strange guy, but honest, and for the most part, enjoy other people’s company, as long as I have some time during the day for myself.  That’s the best part of touring.  You have your day getting to the gig.  You put some tunes on the radio.  Awesome time to just watch the street signs whizz by, and think about life, and what you want to accomplish.  

After the show, I went up to the bar for a cranberry juice, and a girl from New Mexico comes up to me, and asks to buy me a drink.  I put the cranberry juice down, and say, sure!  As long as I can buy you one.  She says, I’m in the mood for a Raspberry something.  I say, ok.  The bartender comes my way, and she says, I’ve been messing with this recipe I read about, let me make her a Raspberri Lemon Drop Martini.  I say, sounds delicious!  Why don’t you make that two.

I get to talking to this foxy chick, she’s in town for a conference, she’s a teacher.  I say, I bet you could teach me a thing or two (as I elbow her).  She giggles, and I’m on my way to winning this rodeo girl’s heart.

We end up in a diner at 3AM called the Greasy Fork.  Really cool hipster 24hr breakfast spot.  I order a Belgian Waffle with Strawberries.  She orders a coffee, and some toast.

I say, what are you up to tomorrow?

She says, looking at her watch, uh…in about 4 hours, I have a seminar.  

I say, that’ll be fun!

She rolls her eyes.

Probably not.

She says, where are you staying?

I say, the booker was kind enough to get me a good deal on a room at the Motel 6.

She says, why don’t you stay at my place?

I’m like, I could…  but I have to warn you.  I snore.  Or so I’ve been told.

She says, that’s ok.  I’ve got some earplugs.

I wake up this morning at around 10.  New Mexico is gone, but there’s a note by the lamp by the side of the bed.

“Matt.  Had fun last night.  Why don’t you stick around?  I’ll be done by 3.”

-Matt McCuum